Timo Solin

“Solin’s painted bent-metal sculptures could be more appropriately described as drawings in space. By cutting out forms and bending the malleable sheets of metal, he achieves a feeling of lightness and grace that is rare in this field, the sheet of steel being treated like a simple piece of paper.
Similarly, although the themes he chooses are just as weighty as the material itself, the fluid lines and vibrant colours of his forms lend them an elegance and serve to transform any negative association into one of beauty and vitality”
Solin’s figures are loaded with archaic, erotic energy which lends them vitality so that they seem to dance before our very eyes. Timo Solin is an artist profoundly attached to life, and his work expresses all the joy of living. His sculptures exude a radiant energy full of a warm feeling for life.
Considering his penchant for the subconscious in his work, it is not surprising that Solin is an autodidact; that is to say, he is free of the constraints of academic art for art’s sake. On the other hand, he is by no means an “outsider”.

Gerard A. Goodrow, Curator of Ludvig Museum, Cologne 1994